• Fri. May 24th, 2024

Women’s leadership contributes enormously to the development of the country

BUJUMBURA June 1st (ABP) – Female leadership is very essential if we want a balanced development within families, businesses, institutions but also in the nation. These are the words from Mrs. Rufine Ngendakumana, trainer in the training workshop on women’s leadership to members of the National Assembly, senior officials and officials of the ministry in charge of national solidarity, and the national police, during an interview she gave to a check by ABP Monday, May 29, 2023.

According to Mrs. Ngendakumana, when we talk about female leadership, we simply mean all the actions or strategies that must be taken or put in place to enable women to develop the leadership ability. She added that there are characteristics specific to women leaders, in particular, access to opportunities where the woman sees beyond the visible, in the details. The woman leader also develops strategies at every moment to meet the various challenges that may arise in her family, the education of her children and in her profession, she said.

Indeed, Mrs. Ngendakumana indicated that the female leader has the ability to store and follow each scheduled activity until it is accomplished. In addition, she pointed out, the female leader has many ideas to develop entrepreneurship with courage, because she gives her all to all kinds of small jobs in order to support her family. She is also the guardian of tradition so that the values of the society are perpetrated or transmitted to the generation.

Thus, Mrs. Ngendakumana also announced certain challenges that the woman leader can encounter in her workplace, in particular the challenges related to the difficulty of reconciling professional life and personal life, sometimes because of the heavy professional tasks that push the latter to not find sufficient time to take care of family and profession at the same time.

To that end, Mrs. Ngendakumana said that they are seeing the strategies of how to correct and balance at the same time the personal but also the professional life. There are also challenges related to the lack of support, but women need support at the level of their services to enable them to emerge positively and completely in leadership, the trainer underlined.

Despite all those challenges, Mrs. Ngendakumana called on Burundian women to arrange their calendars in order to take care of their families in general and their professional tasks. She also said that there is a way to reconcile the professional life and the personal life of the woman with the legal framework which gives the right to leave.