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The Governor has Visited Progressive Farmers


May 25, 2023

KARUSI May 25th (ABP) – The governor of Karusi province, Mrs. Devote Nizigiyimana, accompanied by the director of the Provincial Bureau of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock in that province, began a visit from Tuesday, May 23, 2023 to progressive farmers.

During that first stage, she visited the rabbit agri-breeders, grouped in the Association ABBIT vision in Burundi “Ikigo co kunywanisha uburimyi n’ubworozi bw’inkwavu” (matching agriculture with rabbit livestock) in Bugenyuzi.

During that trip, she was surprised to hear from the leader of the young members that they started with 18 rabbits two years ago but are currently at over 100 rabbits, after several sales already made.

The association has taken a giant step because it has already passed the stage of simple breeder, to associate that livestock with agriculture.

In addition, it has started the multiplication of rabbits by crossing improved breeds, and is thinking about the production of meat and agro-food inputs for rabbits.

Based on its vision “Let’s value the rabbit and its products”, the association collects urine and receives 4 liters per day for 4 adult rabbits. This urine is used as organic manure in the fields and sells the surplus at 85,000 BIF per 20-litre container.

The association has started training new breeders and has already delivered young rabbits in the province, in other provinces and in Tanzania. The average sale amounts to 20 rabbits per week, according to information gathered on site.

The weaning of young members and their supervision has also begun, according to Governor Nizigiyimana, who visited and appreciated the results at Sylvain Nzambimana from Kigufi village in the same commune. This one has 150 rabbits in his hutch in total. He specializes in feeding rabbits because he gives them at the same time fodder, maize grains, rice, soup, paste, to name but a few.

He also uses rabbit urine in the fields and has already started raising poultry, such as chickens, guinea fowl and turkeys, thanks to the yield of the rabbits.

Note that the fawn breeds of Burgundy, New Zealand, California Grey, California White, Papillon of Angola and Chinchilla are to be multiplied within that association.

Governor Nizigiyimana also visited a large livestock site at Aimable Habiyakare, who is building a rabbit hutch for 2,000 rabbits at the center of Bugenyuzi commune.