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People are called upon to have confidence in their leaders


Mar 22, 2023

RUMONGE March 22nd (ABP) – Accompanied by the administrative officials, MPs and Senators elected in Rumonge province, the Burundian ombudsman, Mrs. Aimée Laurentine Kanyana, joined the people of Mutambara village, in the Gatete zone of the Rumonge commune and province, in growing 7000 tree seedlings including fruit trees.

In his speech, the governor of Rumonge province, Léonard Niyonsaba, thanked the Burundian ombudsman for her stay in Rumonge province to collect the grievances of the people. He asked her to intensify, if possible, visits to the same province because solving problems related to land disputes requires efforts from different institutions.

Addressing the people participating in the work, the Burundian ombudsman called on the people of Rumonge province to avoid hatred for development. Confirming that she has just stayed for three days collecting the grievances of the people, Mrs. Kanyana indicated that the situation of land disputes should not be a pretext to destabilize the security or the development of the province. She thus reminded the people of that locality that all the institutions have been put in place for the well-being of the population.

The solution of the social problems that are observed must be internal according to her, thus deploring the behavior of some who prefer to spread their problems on social media instead of seizing the local administration. She also thanked the participants in the work, meaning that the protection of the environment by growing trees is essential and especially for the river Murembwe located on the Mutambara hill, whose banks need to be protected so as not to cause damage to the people and the riparian fields.