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The President of the Senate has met the members of the communal councils


Mar 16, 2023

BUBANZA March 16th (ABP) – The President of the Burundian Senate, Emmanuel Sinzohagera, met, on Wednesday March 15, 2023, the members of the communal councils of the Bubanza province (North-West of Burundi), at the headquarters of that province.  The meeting focused on obstacles to the proper implementation of the specifications of those communal elected officials, a check in Bubanza by ABP has revealed.

According to the latter, certain constraints to the implementation of their task are, among others, ignorance of the texts which govern them and their specifications. The lack of understanding of what a program budget is and how it is managed has resulted in the fact that some communes budget beyond their means or hesitate for certain projects. They also mention the lack of collaboration between them and with the communal administration, hence the lack of transparency in the management of the communal budget and the non-involvement of communal councilors in the implementation of certain development projects. Furthermore, they consider the attendance fee of 20,000 BIF insufficient, while deploring the lack of financial means. They regret that some communal councilors do not work in the general interest, but are rather interested in their villages of origin.

                                                                           View of the participants

Faced with all those constraints, the President of the Upper House of Parliament calls on those communal elected officials to realize that they have a communal mandate and not from their villages of origin. As a result, he invited them to always work for the well-being of the inhabitants of their respective communes. Regarding the lack of collaboration between them and with the administration, the President of the Burundian Senate promises to plead for the clarification of the texts in relation to the specifications and the level of collaboration. As for the ignorance of what a program budget means and the content of the law that governs them, the promise is to meet with the Minister responsible for the Interior for capacity building. He asks them to establish good collaboration between them and with the communal administration for the development of the commune.