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Raising awareness on the missions of the CNIDH, in Cibitoke province


Feb 20, 2023

CIBITOKE February 20th (ABP) – The Independent National Commission for Human Rights of Burundi (CNIDH), organized an awareness caravan on its missions, on Thursday, February 16, respectively at the headquarters of Mabayi and Rugombo communes in Cibitoke province. Those sessions were held in public places; they focused on the CNIDH and its way of collecting complaints to investigate human rights violations.

According to the CNIDH team leader, commissioner Anatole Bacanamwo, that national institution has its head office in Bujumbura City Council, and has a permanent secretariat, with four branches, in the west, center-east, north and south. It is made up of seven commissioners, including four men and three women.

Regarding the missions of the CNIDH, it is the protection of human rights, the promotion of human rights and the advisory role with the institutions of the Republic, according to the animations and questions and answers games.

The participants, who succeeded in the question-answer games, were rewarded with radio sets, loincloths, hoes, cans for drawing water, and laundry soaps. It should be noted that many participants took good note of the toll-free number for the transmission of complaints to the CNIDH and expressed their satisfaction with the information received through that caravan.