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Discussing strategies for tightening security at the Burundi-Rwanda border


Feb 14, 2023

KAYANZA February 14th (ABP) – A Burundian delegation from the Kayanza and Ngozi provinces (north), led by the governor of Kayanza, was welcomed on Saturday February 11, 2023 in Huye in the southern province of Rwanda. That delegation was made up of advisers to the governors in charge of finance and those in charge of legal affairs, public prosecutors, regional and provincial officials of the defense and security corps as well as administrators from the five communes of the said provinces bordering Rwanda. The objective of the visit was to discuss strategies for tightening security at the Burundian-Rwandan border and bilateral relations, a check by ABP revealed.

During the meeting, the governor of Kayanza, Rémy Cishahayo, and his counterpart of the southern province of Rwanda, Mrs. Alice Kayitesi, both rejoiced that Burundi and Rwanda are brotherly countries because, they justified, they have the same past, the same region and the same language. They also indicated that cohabitation and bilateral relations are good between the border provinces because even domestic animals stolen in one or the other country are often returned to their owners. On the question of opening other border posts like those at Kanyaru and Nemba in order to facilitate the people to easily access the two neighboring countries, the governor of Kayanza promised to address that complaint to his superiors.

For her part, the governor of the southern province of Rwanda, Alice Kayitesi, said she was satisfied with the content of the interactive dialogue while promising to collaborate with the authorities of the Kayanza and Ngozi provinces and this, for the interest of the citizens of the two neighboring countries.

Burundian and Rwandan authorities have also pledged to extradite criminals and return stolen items to either country. It was pointed out that a bilateral meeting is scheduled very soon in Burundi.