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Presentation of certificates to the winners of the 8th promotion at the battalion command and general staff school


Feb 8, 2023

BUJUMBURA February 8th (ABP) – The Deputy Chief of Staff, Lt-Gen, Jean Paul Habimana, proceeded on Friday, February 3, 2023, to the presentation of certificates to the winners of the 8th promotion of the battalion command and general staff school. He, on that occasion, said that the professionalization of the military lies in training, adding that he commends the efforts made by the battalion and general staff command as well as the members of the teaching staff for a noble work of training accomplished for the benefit of the Burundi national defense force, by producing competent officers to occupy various positions. He thus congratulated the new graduates for having worked hard to finally deserve good results. He pointed out to them that to be effective in their careers, their results must be supplemented by other qualities, in particular a strong personality, a great capacity for adaptability and open-mindedness, to face the contemporary challenges of the region in general and the country in particular. Continuing education primarily targets security, peace and development through loyalty, a strong sense of patriotism, discipline, policy, neutrality and impartiality, he said.

For peacebuilding to be successful, the Deputy Chief of Staff, Lt-Gen Habimana, also noted that Burundi’s national defense force must be truly a disciplined, loyal professional force, defending their democratic and republican values. He therefore recommended that graduates continue to develop the qualities of a good commander, which are the culture of excellence, love of the profession, rigor, loyalty, righteousness, discipline, sincerity, simplicity as well as humility.

He also expressed his gratitude to the government of Burundi for the efforts it continues to deploy and support the professionalization of the defense force, particularly through the training of officers.