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Trip by the Minister of Education to Ruyigi province


Jan 27, 2023

RUYIGI January 27th (ABP) – The Minister of National Education and Scientific Research, Dr. François Havyarimana, visited the province of Ruyigi in the morning of Tuesday, January 24, 2024. The activities of that trip took place at – Notre Dame de la Joie – High School based in the headquarters of the Ruyigi province, and were attended by the directors of basic schools, the communal directors of education of the whole province as well as the representatives of administrative officials of the services from all the communes of that province.

In his introductory remarks, the Governor of Ruyigi, Emerencienne Tabu, indicated that the education sector is in good shape throughout the province and that the administrative officials and officials in the education sector collaborate perfectly in the organization of school activities. However, she pointed out that in general the province of Ruyigi is facing a lack of teaching materials and especially school benches, especially in the most remote corners of the province. She therefore gave the floor to the minister and invited the staff of that ministry present at the activity to listen carefully and express their grievances without pretense.

The salient points that characterized the speech of the Minister of Education are, among other things, a special warning to teaching staff who have developed a habit of being absent or late for their services. A specific remark was directed to some teachers who, instead of making their problems known to the officials concerned, want to make their voices heard through online media, including Inzamba and Humura.

                                                                    View of the participants

To that end, the Minister underlines that there is no tolerance for any form of absenteeism and professional handicap tending to delay and set back education in that province.

After discussions with the people gathered on the site, the minister said that the problems of lack of teaching materials and other school effects is a general problem, which requires a systematic solution, taking into account the needs of each commune up to the level of schools and even individuals.

For questions of orientation in schools of excellence, the Minister said that the main criteria used are the highest score, but also the notion of equity which takes into account the participation of nationals of all communes. It may turn out that some students have a lower grade than others, but are retained following that notion of parity and equity.

To all the problems of salary treatment, former graduates of the Teacher’s College (ENS) who have the promises that their diplomas will be raised by following compensation courses, until obtaining master’s degrees, teachers’ books which have errata, he has reassured and let it be known that everything is being processed and that the faults will be gradually corrected.

He asked that all staff have the culture to participate in the solution of each problem that arises and to avoid waiting for miracle solutions in a period of time.