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The minister in charge of trade calls for the closure of bars and cement stores that violate the prices recognized by law


Jan 27, 2023

CANKUZO January 27th (ABP) – The Minister of Trade, Transport, Industry and Tourism, Mrs. Marie Chantal Nijimbere, has asked the administrative authorities to close all cement stores and bars that do not respect the prices set by the government. It was on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, during a meeting she held for the people of Cankuzo province to inquire about their daily life, a check by ABP revealed.

In his welcome speech, the governor of that province, Mr. Boniface Banyiyezako, indicated that the province has potential for wealth via the tourist places it abounds, if they are developed. He talked about Ruvubu National Park, Sacred Heart of Jesus Ritual, Protected Landscape, “amashuha” thermal waters, and so on.

Minister Marie Chantal Nijimbere, said that tourist places in Burundi are developed by contractors under the authorization of the government.

She called on the people to go about development work to increase performance in all sectors in order to compensate for the high cost of products on the markets, because, she explained, the system of importing different products incurs foreign exchange expenditure. She warned speculators of the prices of Brarudi products and cement, revealing that the prices recognized by law have been set according to the places of installation of small traders.

This meant that retailers get supply of those products from the depots that have them from the mega stores. The same circuit is considered for cement, she added. According to her, whoever sells them at high-cost benefits twice, he/she is a fraudster, he/she does not pay taxes for the second benefit.

The same authorities must ensure the proper management of those products which are also in insufficient quantity, according to her.

Also on the trade sector, Minister Nijimbere recommended that entrepreneurs refrain from marketing the products processed in their factories, without having the authorization of BBIN for fear that they are harmful to health.