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The provincial governor pays visit to zones of Mutimbuzi commune


Jan 26, 2023

BUJUMBURA January 26th (ABP) – The governor of Bujumbura province (western Burundi), Mr. Désiré Nsengiyumva, made a two-day trip last week to the four zones of Mutimbuzi commune, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

After the trip, the check by Burundi News Agency contacted that person in authority to find out what prompted him to make that trip only in Mutimbuzi commune.

Indeed, Governor Nsengiyumva indicated that this tour was organized in the context of being close to the people and listening to their grievances, especially in relation to the land problems that exist and are acute in those zones.

Thus, he indicated that among the issues submitted to him are the lands of Nkanga in Gatumba on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. The former occupants, who had been prohibited from regular exploitation for security reasons, ardently wish that those lands be returned to them, and the governor gave them the appointment to deal with that question on the field with the officials of the Cotton Management Company (COGERCO).

The problem around land also arises in the Rukaramu zone, said Governor Nsengiyumva, who pointed out that there are buyers who have more than one property, even three. This is the result, he continued to say, of a bad attribution by the zone leaders who succeeded each other when they gave properties to people who came from other provinces, which the State had expropriated for public utility and it happened that the lists were changed many times and in principle, no one should benefit from more than one property.

To deal with that issue, the governor has set up a commission of inquiry, which has two weeks to give the report so that an appropriate follow-up is reserved for the issue.

With regard to the Maramvya zone, which has been talked about in these days, Governor Nsengiyumva revealed that the financial question no longer arises with great intensity because the government has taken the matter in hand and, moreover, he added, the ministry in charge of the environment has just issued a press release calling on regular buyers to approach the ministry to obtain the documents that will allow them to continue operating.