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Stakeholders in the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship must work in synergy to produce more impact


Jan 25, 2023

Bujumbura January 25th (ABP) – The Ministry of Civil Service, Labor and Employment, with the Ministry of East African Community Affairs, Youth, Sports and Culture, sectoral ministries as well as other key actors in development, with the financial support of the European Union through its “Dukurire Hamwe” program, has organized an job-roundtable on Tuesday the 24th under the theme: “Improving the performance of stakeholders in the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship through the establishment of a national framework for coordination and permanent dialogue between actors in the field, a pillar of sustainable development in Burundi.”

In his speech, the Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment, Déo Rusengwamihigo, recalled that this round table was organized as an implementation of a recommendation resulting from a round table that the President of the Republic of Burundi organized with development partners, during which seven government priorities were targeted, one of which concerns axis 7 of the PND 2018-2027 on decent employment and youth.

In that recommendation, it was asked in a targeted and grouped way that all the stakeholders in the axis 7 of the PND, can get together and prepare a round table to see how to organize themselves in order to work in synergy for the promotion of that sector for more impact.

He indicated that today, initiatives at the level of employment promotion, youth employability and entrepreneurship, are isolated and difficult to control because there is no regulatory body in the field. He specified that only the establishment of a national framework of coordination and permanent dialogue which involves all stakeholders in the field of employment will be able to resolve that issue.

According to him, the regulatory body must involve the major decision-makers of the country at all levels of responsibility with the involvement of other actors and the local community because today’s government’s policy is to decentralize all services towards the people.

“We must ensure the consistency of the employment projects and programs and the social protection that we develop so that the jobs created be jobs that ensure the dignity and well-being of the people of Burundi, in accordance with the two national employment and social protection policies in line with the agenda of the International Labor Office on decent work”. The joint work of the actors in that field will enable the government to know and evaluate the share of each stakeholder, each specialized institution, each project and each job creation program in all sectors, particularly in the field of infrastructure and agriculture. Stakeholders in that field must also set up projects and programs that generate a lot of jobs for a great integration of a maximum of young job seekers.

At the end, the Minister of the Public Service, Labor and Employment hopes that change will be noticed because the stakeholders will work in close collaboration. This collaboration will facilitate the work of monitoring the sector and thus produce regular data on the jobs created and other related information.