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The Minister of the Interior has collected the grievances of the people of Mwaro


Jan 18, 2023

MWARO January 18th (ABP) – The Minister of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security, Martin Niteretse, held a meeting on January 14, 2023 in Mwaro province with the aim of collecting concerns that haunt the heads of decentralized services and the people of the said province.

In his speech for the occasion, Mr. Niteretse congratulated the justice sector for the step taken today.

In the education sector, he recommended that officials fight against sexual violence in schools. He also asked them to exercise the schoolchildren for the development of projects.

In the agricultural sector, heads of services have been asked to be on the field to coach farmers in practicing modern agriculture.

From a health point of view, Mr. Niteretse urged CDS holders to ensure the proper management of drugs. Representatives of religious denominations were called on not only to teach the Gospel of God, but also to set up development projects for believers. Collaboration, complementarity and unity, these are the salient points of good governance, according to Minister Niteretse. He called on those responsible to work for the interest of their people. Citizens are the center of interest, he insisted.

                                                                View of the participants

He recommended to the governor to make trips to the communes to listen to the concerns of his people. He must hold a safety and coordination meeting at least once a week. Similarly, the administrators must make trips to the villages, so the seekers of audiences in the communes will decrease.

Responding to questions posed by heads of services, Mr. Niteretse said the hard-working government is at work to resolve them. But everyone should show their part.

Concerning the State lands that the Burundian government had given to certain people but who harness them contrary to the request, the minister indicated that those lands return to the heritage of the State. The questions that were asked by the people of Mwaro, 99% were related to land disputes, Minister Niteretse noted. He gave them pieces of advice, in particular to respect the decisions taken by the courts.

In his welcoming address, the governor of Mwaro province, Gaspard Gasanzwe, said his people are united, that the cohabitation between political parties is good. He pointed out that a young person financed by the PAEEJ went abroad with a sum of 13 million and that the administration is looking for him to pay back that money. In the trade sector, issues related to the lack of cement, sugar and chemical fertilizers have been resolved, according to the governor, except for Brarudi products which are rare.

From the tourism point of view, he pointed out that tourist sites deserve to be developed, protected and enhanced in order to attract visitors.