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Launch of the 3rd edition of codes and laws of Burundi


Jan 18, 2023

GITEGA January 18th (ABP) – The Center for Legal Studies and Documentation (CEDJ) of the Ministry in charge of Justice organized on Monday, January 16, 2023, in Gitega (center of the country), a workshop to popularize the 3rd edition codes and laws of Burundi. It was intended for heads of decentralized services working in Gitega province.

The director of that center, Mr. Cyprien Bigirimana, pointed out that each edition of the codes and laws is an opportunity to update and know the content of Burundian law. According to him, the 3rd edition compiles the new texts of laws and regulations, amendments and repeals dating from 2012 to 2018.

Compared to the 2nd edition, the director of the CEDJ said they were able to identify the shortcomings that were in that edition. He pointed out that today, through legal monitoring, they have been able to identify incomplete laws to begin to popularize them at the level of legal practitioners and the general population, in order to know them.

Note that the participants in that workshop appreciated the initiative. Despite that satisfaction, they suggested to the ministry in charge of justice to translate those codes and laws into Kirundi to use them effectively in their daily activities.