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Towards administrative release and fictitious career advancement for State personnel governed by special bylaws


Jan 10, 2023

BUJUMBURA January 10th (ABP) – On Monday, January 9, 2023, the Prime Minister’s office invited the human resources managers of State institutions with special bylaws, to a meeting to explain the methods of calculating the budgetary impact in the event of administrative release and fictitious career advancement of staff from the year 2016, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

As for the staff governed by the general bylaw of the State, that release has been effective since July 2022, the latter has been reclassified and the budgetary impact on them has already been calculated.

Mr. Fréderic Hakizimana, chairman of the commission appointed by the Prime Minister for that purpose, pointed out that this release is one of the steps towards wage policy. Among the novelties introduced by the said policy is the reduction of wage disparities, the construction of a fair system by accompanying the national program of administrative reforms and the introduction of remuneration-employment, he said.

He called on the officials present to provide that commission within 3 days, the calculation of the budgetary impact on the base salary of each employee, from 2016, an administrative release for those whose annual wages have been frozen since 2016 to bring their base salary back to their level in 2022. For him, the calculation is the first step in a series of other steps that pave the way for wage policy.

The permanent secretary at the Ministry of the Public Service, Labor and Employment, Mrs. Nadine Nimbabazi, requested that those data be provided within the time limits and very early, informing that this is one of the preliminary steps for the continuation of the procedures.

She also explained that this policy will clean up the environment of public employment in relation to the remuneration of employees through the application of a fair wage policy.