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The Turwize Umwimbu Cooperative has been successful with potato cultivation


Jan 9, 2023

KAYANZA January 9th (ABP) – The “Turwize Umwimbu” (harvest increase) cooperative working since June 2022 in the agricultural sector in Muruta commune of Kayanza province (north) has been successful. These are the comments collected by the ABP, from this cooperative and its employees.

The “Turwize Umwimbu” cooperative extends over the Rwagongwe, Muciro and Muganza hills of the Rwegura zone.

It started its activities with a capital of 2,000,000 BIF. It embarked on the agricultural sector by growing mainly two varieties of potato called “Kijumbu” and “Ndinamagara”. During the harvest, that cooperative recorded a profit of 2,400,000 BIF. It then extended its project to hire 30 permanent workers and rent land to cultivate extending over approximately 12 hectares.

                                                                             View of the workers of the Turwize Umwimbu cooperative


With the month of January 2023, the said cooperative is in the middle of the harvest campaign and expects a production of around 100 tons of potatoes. The deputy leader of that cooperative, Mr. Félix Hakizimana, is delighted with the step taken by their cooperative while calling on the other cooperatives to take care of the interests of the employees.

Contacted to find out if that cooperative has been beneficial to them, the workers of that cooperative testified to a check by ABP that they have managed to buy domestic animals and that they are now able to meet their family daily needs thanks to that activity.

As for the communal administration of Muruta, they indicate that the cultivation of potatoes brings in 95% of communal taxes they take the opportunity to ask the agricultural cooperatives to continue on the same path because the harvests provide a living for many families both inside and outside Kayanza province.