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The ABP general management is satisfied with the services of the provincial correspondents


Jan 9, 2023

GITEGA January 9th (ABP) – The general management of Burundi News Agency (ABP) organized, on Thursday January 5, 2023 in Gitega (center of the country), a meeting for provincial correspondents to discuss how they work, each in their area of intervention and suggest possible solutions for the difficulties encountered.

In his speech, the director general of the Burundi News Agency, Mr. Nicolas Barajingwa, invited the provincial correspondents to redouble their efforts by seeking quality information in all corners of the country to restore the image of that government agency, while remembering that it is in competition with other media. He asked them, with insistence, to give priority to information relating to development.

                                              The Director General of the ABP (left) hands over a camera to a correspondent

To enable those journalists to do their job well, the general management of the ABP is making every effort to provide them with work tools. Indeed, that meeting was an opportunity to give each provincial correspondent the working material including professional cameras. This was added to the motorcycles recently given to all correspondents, not to mention laptops.

The director in charge of information and editorial staff at the ABP, Mr. Esper Noël Ngendakumana, said he is satisfied with the services of the provincial correspondents while suggesting capacity building for them to increase quality.

Moreover, that session was an opportunity to congratulate one another for the step already taken on all the platforms of that Agency.

                                                                                             View of the ABP correspondents

ABP journalists, in this case the provincial correspondents, are indeed invited to seek original and quality information to continue to boost social media.

The provincial correspondents have promised to make every effort to seek information even in the remote corners of the country.

To achieve this, they asked the management to revise upwards the monthly quota of 20 liters of fuel allocated to each correspondent. They also asked to be supported in the maintenance of those motorcycles made available to them and in the purchase of spare parts. Mr. Barajingwa promised to transmit those grievances to the competent authorities.

Note that on the sidelines of that exchange session, it was a better opportunity for the ABP general management and the provincial correspondents to say goodbye to Mr. Jean Claude Nzigamye, former check by ABP in Muyinga province recently left retired.

Sharing his experience with those ex-colleagues, Mr. Nzigamye encouraged ABP journalists to invest in improving their performance as they begin to obtain adequate equipment to be competitive in the field.