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A good teacher knows how to lead and control his students


Jan 3, 2023

BUJUMBURA January 2nd (ABP) – The role of a good teacher is to know how to direct and control his students, said Wednesday, December 29, 2022, the national and regional coordinator of the teaching teams of the Catholic Church of Burundi, Mrs. Justine Ndayisaba, during the closing of the session of the said teams under the theme “School, the family”, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Mrs. Ndayisaba underlined that good teaching invests in making students understand academic notions but also instilling good behavior in them. Also, he must have the ability to build a relationship with students and their families

She pointed out that most teachers have a bad habit of mistreating students and advised them to take good care of them because school is a family.

The coordinator urged the Ministry of Education to put on the school report, the course of religion so that students do not neglect it and parents to teach their children the word of God, so that children grow up in the word of God.

Note that the teaching teams present in these meetings have elected a new national and regional committee which will have 3 terms of 3 years. They chose Mr. Ruberintwari Léonard as national and regional coordinator, and Anne Ndayisenga as deputy.

The former coordinator, Mrs. Ndayisaba congratulated the new leaders and invited them to always be dynamic and to pursue good relations with other national and international organizations.