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Teachers are urged to sensitize students on harmful effects of alcohol consumption


Dec 28, 2022

BUJUMBURA December 28th (ABP) – Teachers are called upon to sensitize young people on the harmful effects of alcohol consumption. This was indicated on Tuesday, December 27, 2022, by the national and regional coordinator of the teaching teams of the Catholic Church in Burundi, Mrs. Justine Ndayisaba, during the work of the national and regional session of the teaching teams of the Catholic Church of Burundi, under the theme “School, the family”, a check by ABP revealed.

On that occasion, Mrs. Ndayisaba clarified that the objective of the session is to renew the national and regional committee of those teaching teams and to call on teachers to sensitize their students on the harms associated with the consumption of alcohol.

She stressed that the student must acquire knowledge and work in the social and geographical environment that surrounds him/her. Thus, she expressed the wish to see training united with education, the school linked to life, teaching combined with productive work.

Doctor Muheto Roberto, who presented on the effects of alcohol in young people, explained that those under 18, fall more easily into a situation of alcohol dependence than people who consume alcohol in adulthood.

According to him, the more alcohol consumption is excessive in the country, the more chronic non-communicable diseases become numerous and frequent and the government is obliged to spend a lot of funds in the care of sick victims of alcohol consumption.

Doctor Muheto underlined that the harmful effects resulting from the consumption of alcohol are numerous. He cited in particular bodily damage to the individual, therefore, various diseases on practically all organs as well as social effects because an alcohol-dependent person has bad relations with his/her family, in particular verbal and physical violence. That dependence also has repercussions on professional life and academic performance, and constitutes a brake on the development of the country.

He urged the Ministry of Education to include in school curricula, the awareness program on the harms associated with alcohol consumption.

He also called on parents to sensitize their children about the consequences of consuming alcohol in order to protect them.