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Burundi has been appointed to chair the Conference of the Lake Tanganyika Authority Ministers


Dec 13, 2022

BUJUMBURA December 13th (ABP) – Burundi has been appointed to chair the Conference of the Lake Tanganyika Authority Ministers. This is one of the recommendations of the final statement of the 10th session of the Conference of the Lake Tanganyika Authority Ministers held Thursday, December 8, in Bujumbura.

The Burundian Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. Sanctus Niragira, succeeded Selemani Saidi Jafo, Tanzanian Minister of State in the Office of the Vice President. After the meeting, a final statement was released.

The 4 member States of that conference expressed their deep concern despite the efforts they are making in the sustainable management of Lake Tanganyika and its basin. Biological biodiversity remains threatened by the continued degradation of the lake environment. They reiterated the commitment to support activities that have a visible impact of the programs and projects implemented.

                                                                                              View of the participants

As it was noted that the secretariat is in difficulty in carrying out its missions, the statement calls on the parties concerned to fulfill their commitments, by paying their national contributions to the LTA. The latter have committed to pay 303,900 US dollars annually to the LTA in accordance with the clauses of the 2nd meeting of the conference of ministers, as explained in the statement.

Two projects will continue to be implemented by that authority for next year. These are the Lake Tanganyika Water Management Project (LATAWAMA) and the Lake Tanganyika Fishery Management Project (LATAFAMA). With regard to the financial management of the LATAWAMA project. The concerned parties have agreed to apply the model in accordance with the institutional frameworks of the LTA and the Member States.

Regarding the LATAWAMA project, the conference of ministers recommended the extension of one year free of charge to complete the unfinished activities. The 4 parties agreed to set aside funds to support awareness and implementation of the fisheries management charter.

In addition, the Conference of Ministers requested that the LTA ensure that the project meets the requirements in terms of environmental and social safeguards to preserve the ecosystem of Lake Tanganyika. The Swahili language was consecrated by the conference of ministers as the communication tool in the work of the conference of LTA Ministers.

The10th conference of LTA Ministers concluded that 11th session will be held in Kinshasa in the DRC, in October 2023.