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ISTEEBU has just changed its name by presidential decree


Dec 4, 2022

BUJUMBURA December 1st (ABP) – The Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Burundi (ISTEEBU) has just changed its name by presidential decree. It becomes a national statistical authority called “National Institute of Statistics of Burundi (INSBU), according to a press release from that institution.

The INSBU is the National Statistical Authority ensuring the technical coordination of the activities of the National Statistical System (SSN). It carries out, itself, the activities of production and dissemination of statistical data for the needs of the government, public administrations and local communities, the private sector, development partners and the public.

As such, the INSBU provides the permanent technical secretariat of the National Committee for Statistical Information (CNIS), chairs and secretaries of the Technical Committee for Statistical Information (CTIS), the secretariat of the Statistical Working Groups ( GTS), carries out national statistical work such as censuses and surveys; collects, processes, analyzes, produces, publishes, disseminates, archives and secures the statistical data necessary for the development, monitoring and evaluation of development policies and strategies in all areas of national life. It also ensures the application of the methods, concepts, definitions, standards, classifications and nomenclatures approved by the CNIS; promotes the development of applied research in the areas within its competence; promotes the initial and continuous training of specialized personnel for the operation of the SSN.

Under the supervision of the Ministerial Supervisory Authority, the INSBU is responsible for monitoring international technical cooperation in statistics. In that capacity, he represents Burundi in sub-regional, regional and international meetings relating to issues within his competence, ensures the implementation of the recommendations resulting therefrom and monitors the activities of both national and international partners in regarding statistical issues.

The INSBU can, at the request of the government and public and private administrations, undertake studies and research on statistical issues, for a fee or free of charge, under the conditions defined by its supervising Minister. Such work gives rise to the signing of service contracts or memorandums of understanding between INSBU and the sponsor of that work, possibly with development partners.