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A man committed suicide using a rope in Butaganzwa commune


Nov 16, 2022

KAYANZA November 16th (ABP) – A man named Innocent Niyimbona, 36, from Nyarurambi village in Butaganzwa commune of Kayanza province committed suicide using a rope at the night of Sunday to Monday on November 14, according to the administrative authorities.

The communal administrator of Butaganzwa, Mrs. Janvière Kanyana reported that the body was found hanging on the avocado tree in the morning. She testified that the woman and her husband were not in good relation because that woman would be a concubine when that couple had already given birth to five children.

Taking issue with the background of that disastrous event, the communal authority in Butaganzwa asks the spouses to maintain good relations and to overcome anything that could push them to an altercation for the good of their offspring. That comes at a time when the Prime Minister of Burundi, Mr. Gervais Ndirakobuca, has recently asked the administrative authorities of Kayanza to carry out in-depth investigations to find out if those people are really committing suicide and for what reasons or if they are being hanged on trees after strangling them.