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The Prime Minister carried out a field trip in Muramvya province


Nov 9, 2022

MURAMVYA November 7th (ABP) – The Prime Minister of Burundi, Gervais Ndirakobuca, in the company of his chief of staff and executives of the prime minister carried out, on Thursday, November 3, a decent in Muramvya province (Center-West) where he held a meeting with the leaders of all sectors of life in this province, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his welcoming address, the governor of Muramvya province, Diomède Nzambimana, congratulated the Prime Minister on his new duties. Governor Nzambimana reported that peace and security reign, which allows the population to go about their self-development activities.

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In his speech, the Prime Minister, Gervais Ndirakobuca, said that the government wants officials at different levels to get down to work, listen to the grievances of their leaders and recognize that public affairs belong to the Burundian population without exception.

The Prime Minister asked the administrative staff at the base to serve as a relay between the people and the higher levels for the proper treatment of any challenges. He challenged the leaders to avoid hypocrisy and corruption within their constituents.

According to Mr. Ndirakobuca, the government recommends that administrative officials protect the human person without distinction and each at his level, to prosecute all criminals and to safeguard community heritage and promote social well-being. Prime Minister Ndirakobuca congratulated the Muramvya province which has already assisted, with seeds, the vulnerable households which were in need following the drought. Regarding the challenges facing the realization of this government policy, he cited the administrators who do not want to change their mentality by putting forward their interests in the exercise of their mission. He also deplored the fact that some administrators take office with the aim of squandering public funds instead of working for the general interest and surviving solely on salary. In addition, some officials are lazy “Akazi k’i Bwami kica uwicaye”, he worried. In addition, the head of government stressed that the human person must be respected because it is the source of their functions.

“I no longer want to hear cases of detentions, without reason, on Fridays for release on Mondays or imprisonments without files”, hammered the Burundian Prime Minister. He warned scam traders of government-subsidized industrial products. He cited the case of FOMI fertilizer being sold in shops while ordering its removal for distribution to vulnerable households.

During the exchanges, the administrative officials who took the floor deplored the lack of drinking water, that of electricity in the provincial capital as well as that of educational materials. They also spoke about juices and other drinks, prohibited, made in Burundi which harm the health of consumers. Legal issues were also discussed.

Indicating that human health must be protected, the Prime Minister revealed that the government granted, this year, an additional budget to the Burundian Bureau for Standardization and Quality Control (BBN) to acquire sufficient verification equipment. and certification of industrialized products in Burundi.

During the next meeting with the administrative officials in Muramvya, it will be their turn to answer, each in their field, the questions of the head of government, added the latter.