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The ministry having Solidarity in its attributions shows a positive assessment of the achievements for the 1st quarter of the year 2022-2023


Nov 6, 2022

BUJUMBURA November 2nd (ABP) – The Minister of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender Imelde Sabushimike believes that the activities planned during these past three months of the 2022-2023 financial year have been completed at more than 98% as it indicated during the presentation of the quarterly report on Friday, October 28, 2022.
In terms of National Solidarity and Social Affairs, she pointed out that the ministry has granted assistance to people with specific needs. Among other things, 3,539 vulnerable patients out of 2,000 planned were assisted, 14,556 vulnerable households were assisted with food and non-food, 47 Centers and Associations of disabled people were supported in income-generating activities worth 121,000. 000 BIF out of 20 planned and 25 residential centers were supported in subsidies out of 30 planned for an amount of 249,000,000 BIF.
With regard to the strengthening of child protection, the ministry received 1,660 calls out of 750 planned and directed or referred 66 calls out of 63 calls planned to listening services.
In the Official Orphanage of Bujumbura (OOB), the ministry takes care of 37 orphan children, welcomed 4 new children and 19 orphans are following preschool, school and academic training. With regard to national and international adoption of children declared abandoned, three children were adopted internationally.
Ms. Sabushimike added that 437 children were removed from the streets and reintegrated into their families after supervision, 116 families of triplet children were supported with nativa milk, baby kit as well as infant food and their mothers with food and non-food items, including 40 new cases of orphaned children and 48 old cases.
In the area of strengthening the coordination and monitoring-evaluation of the social protection sector, the ministry organized 4 project and program coordination sessions in four provinces, Bujumbura, Bubanza, Muramvya and Mwaro and a partner coordination meeting followed by thematic meetings organized at the level of the directorates-general.
The Ministry also carried out 31 follow-up missions, including 29 at the decentralized level, launched a mutualist section “Tuvuzanye Mubimbi” in Mubimbi and sensitized 70 partners during an exchange session with partners from the provinces of Gitega, Muramvya, Ruyigi, Karusi and Cankuzo on the fight against social benefits fraud organized jointly by INSS, ONPR and MFP in September in Gitega. In addition, 265 non-affiliated formal sector employers have been affiliated to the INSS. There was a collection of 768,462,390 Fbu and 121 employers were forced to collect.
For the operationalization of the system of universal access to basic health care, the ministry purchased 12,000 health insurance cards (CAM) for 12,000 beneficiaries and produced 6,000 program cards. At the level of the Public Service Mutual Fund, the MFP agency was opened in Cankuzo, a counter and a pharmacy at Murore and Kiganda Hospital, 13,636 biometric cards were produced and distributed and 39 pharmacies were been supplied with medicines,
At the ONPR level, the ministry archived 5,930 beneficiary files electronically, trained a staff team on the development of the recovery plan and a draft of the recovery plan was developed.
At the CNAR center, he treated 1,099 disabled patients, carried out 1,477 consultations and 4,984 received services. He carried out 9,065 physiotherapy rehabilitation sessions and carried out 1,813 orthopedic corrective acts. Thus 426 disabled people received crutches, orthoses and prostheses and the ministry produced and delivered 790 mobility devices. It also provided care for 93 hospitalized patients (food and accommodation) and at the CNRSP, 60 disabled children are undergoing training in various trades, she said.