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The World Food Day has been celebrated


Oct 31, 2022

RUYIGI October 28th (ABP) – Burundi joined other nations of the world on Tuesday, October 25, 2022 in the celebration of World Food Day, in Ruyigi province; under the high patronage of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Burundi, Lieutenant General of Police Gérvais Ndirakobuca; and under the theme: “Leaving no one behind, improving production, nutrition, the environment, and living conditions for all”. The celebration of this day saw the participation of members of the government of Burundi, technical and financial partners of the Burundian State and ambassadors accredited to Burundi as well as FAO and NGOs such as Word Vision Burundi.

The ceremonies began with the launch of the growing season which took place at the Kigarika seed center located on the Ngarama village of the Ruyigi area, commune and province.

During the launch of the activities, the Prime Minister of Burundi made a prayer imploring the good God to forgive sins and to bless the cultivable land in Burundi, the seeds without forgetting the regular and sufficient rainfall so that the fields can produce a lot and that the people can live in peace, tranquility and good health.

The activities of that day continued at the Urumuri stadium in Ruyigi to the rhythm of songs and dances.

In his welcome address, the governor of Ruyigi Mrs. Tabu Emerancienne expressed his thanks to the government for having chosen the province of Ruyigi to host the activities of this day and that the province is at work so that the credo of its Excellency the President of the Republic who asks all Burundians to work hard so that every pocket has money and every mouth can have something to eat. She took the opportunity to wink at the place of the population so that the bad habit of bush fires which is being reborn in the province of Ruyigi can disappear definitively.

The FAO representative in Burundi Mr. Dadémanao Pissang Tchangai said in his speech that his organization supports the Burundian government so that the people can increase its production and actively participate in climate change resilience and the sustainable use of bio resources.

Speaking, the Prime Minister Gervais Ndirakobuca indicated that the celebration of that day coincides with the journey towards the end of the year 2022 which was dedicated, by the Burundian government, to the rebirth, the strengthening of agriculture, livestock and environmental protection in Burundi. He specified that the ultimate objective of the priority support in this area is to raise the standard of living of each Burundian and that it is a fight for everyone and that, as the President of the republic, everything is possible if all Burundians are united and together with the same will.

He especially insisted on the call to all the population to participate actively in the production of foodstuffs of all categories so that they can have a balanced diet including lipids, carbohydrates and proteins. He winked at the Burundian population so that they know how to save production and avoid wasting it.

The activities ended with the granting of encouragement prizes, from the Prime Minister of Burundi, to the cooperatives which made a remarkable breakthrough in the sector of agriculture in the 7 communes of the province of Ruyigi.