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Official launch of the activities of the BIJE agency in Bujumbura


Oct 27, 2022

BUJUMBURA October 26th (ABP) – The Minister of East African Community Affairs, Youth, Sports and Culture, Amb Ezéchiel Nibigira proceeded on Monday, October 24, 2022 in Bujumbura, to the official launch of the activities of the branch of the investment bank for young people (BIJE) in Bujumbura city, near the former central market of Bujumbura, opposite the entrance to the National Post Office.

On the same occasion, the minister in charge of youth affairs congratulated the management team of BIJE for the opening of the agency of this bank in the Bujumbura city. It will facilitate the work of young people from the Bujumbura city and the provinces close to the Bujumbura city, who went to Gitega to seek the services of BIJE, he added.

Amb. Nibigira asked BIJE officials to continue on this same path to open other branches in other remaining provinces.

Young people from the Bujumbura city and those from other provinces are invited to develop their projects well in order to have credits with the BIJE agency in Bujumbura, explaining that development begins where the projects are carried out. It is also an opportunity to provide employment for other young people, said Minister Nibigira.

Note that the BIJE has its headquarters in the political capital in Gitega and opened its doors on April 15, 2020. The bank’s mission is to finance development projects initiated by young people grouped into associations, cooperatives or companies, to reduce unemployment and poverty.