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The digitization of the post could reduce the problems linked to climate change


Oct 16, 2022

BUJUMBURA October 14th (ABP) – The Minister of Communication, Information Technology and Media Mrs Léocadie Ndacayisaba indicated, during a statement she delivered on Saturday October 9, 2022, on the occasion of World Post Day, that for the proper functioning of the Burundian postal network, the digitization of its services would be an asset to overcome the problems of climate change.

On the same occasion, Mrs. Ndacayisaba said that the objective of World Post Day is to raise awareness among individuals and businesses of the role of the post in their daily lives and its contribution to socio-economic development in the world.

She indicated that the theme chosen for this year is: “Post for the planet”. That theme was chosen to join the whole world in facing the climate changes which are beginning to have consequences on the daily life of individuals and on their means of subsistence. This unfortunate situation is caused by human activities and the various emissions that destroy the environment, indicating that Burundi is not spared.

According to the Minister in charge of Posts, as an international player in the distribution of essential goods and services, Posts are better placed to show their partners the way to protect the environment throughout the chain. global logistics. They can be pioneers in improving climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience activities within other sectors, she added.

Mrs. Ndacayisaba, said that the postal sector employs more than 600,000 offices in 192 countries, it distributes hundreds of billions of postal items per year. It is obvious that this sector and its partners have the responsibility to carry out concrete actions in order to reduce the effects of climate change linked in particular to atmospheric pollution, desertification, erosion, to name but a few.

According to her, the fight against climate change is not the action of a single person or a single category. That fight concerns everyone on this planet, from where everyone must contribute for this fight in order to guarantee a better future for future generations, she clarified.

Burundi, being a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), has, like other countries, put in place a national policy for the protection of the environment and activities for the fight against climate change have already been carried out and are being carried out in its program “Uwe Burundi Urambaye”, tracing, contour lines on steep mountains, pipelines, protection of rivers and others, she pointed out.

Since the services offered by the post are more extensive in all countries of the world, explained the Minister in charge of ICT, its activities can be slowed down by climatic disturbances because roads can be impassable, flight plans disrupted and by that the post cannot serve its customers as it should and consequently see the main mission failed and the despair for the customers who send or receive postal mail.

For that, Mrs. Ndacayisaba calls on all the partners of the National Postal Authority (RNP) in general and the Burundian postal community in particular to give themselves body and soul to contribute to the fight against greenhouse gases; to draw above all on the experience of the fight against COVID-19 to find innovative solutions that will reduce the carbon footprint and to use this experience to find appropriate and effective responses.