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The National Youth Council of Burundi is at work for the interest of young people


Oct 9, 2022

BUBANZA October  9th (ABP) – The provincial and communal representatives of the National Youth Council of Burundi (CNJB) are called upon to ensure a valid representation of young people, who make up a category of the active people that Burundi needs for its development. , we learned from the workshop on leadership and sensitization on cooperatives and towards the young leaders of the CNJB at the provincial level, which was organized by the CNJB, last week, at the chief- place of Bubanza province (North-West of Burundi),

In his speech, the president of the National Youth Council of Burundi (CNJB), Thierry Ingabire, promised that the young leaders of this council will spare no effort to properly accomplish their missions. That is, among other things, to allow young people to have a permanent framework for exchange and dialogue on all questions and decisions concerning the life of young people. Other missions being the mobilization of young people around education programs for peace, human rights, the promotion of income-generating activities for young people, encouraging and promoting the creation and development of associations and movements youth cooperatives.

In Bubanza province, out of 72 youth cooperatives, 19 have already received loans from the BIJE Youth Bank. As for the constraints related to the proper functioning of the CNJB, they evoke the insufficiency of financial means and the fact that it does not yet have the texts which govern it, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The Advisor to the Governor of Bubanza Province, in charge of administrative and financial affairs, Mr. Félicien Ndoricimpa invited these provincial leaders of the CNJB to adopt good behavior worthy of being valid representatives of young people. Note that the young person, in Burundi, is one who is between 18 and 40 years old.