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Five boarding schools benefited from aid for 320 mattresses


Sep 30, 2022

BUBANZA September 28th (ABP) – Five boarding schools in Bubanza province (north-west of Burundi) benefited, on Monday, September 26, from the aid of 320 mattresses, from the association of natives, Chinese Embassy in Burundi and the company VIETEL, we noted on the spot.

Data from the Provincial Department of Education (DPE) show that these five schools accommodate more than 2,600 students, at a time when the available mattresses do not exceed 333. That source also indicates that mattress needs amount to 972 including 541 from the Bubanza Technical School (ETB) alone.

In his speech, the representative of the association of natives of that province, Côme Manirakiza promised that the association appropriates the education and research of other mattresses. He asks for the proper use of that gift and for the school authorities to double their vigilance in order to avoid thefts.

As for the representative of the Chinese Ambassador to Burundi, he said that the Chinese Embassy attaches great importance to education, which, according to him, is an effective tool in the fight against poverty. That Chinese authority says that China will always remain at the side of the Burundian people, to better contribute to their development. It also promises to continue that spirit of cooperation, characterized by solidarity, equality and mutual respect, while channeling efforts and assets for quality education for every child and young person. It should be noted that the schools that have benefited from this donation of mattresses include ETB Bubanza, ITAB Gihanga, ETS Saint Jean Bosco de Gihanga, Bukinga high school and LTAA de Muzinda.