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Gatumba remains the preferred corridor for fraudsters


Oct 9, 2022

BUJUMBURA October 9th (ABP) – Cases of fraud are still in the news in Gatumba despite training sessions for cross-border traders in Gatumba, some of whom practiced fraud to get them to break with that bad practice learned by the ABP on site.

According to our sources, last Sunday October 2, 2022, during a routine search of vehicles and luggage by the police, at the Rusizi bridge at the exit of Gatumba, the latter seized 47 uncleared loincloths, coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo, belonging to a certain Déo Ndayikengurukiye residing at Muyange II hill, Gatumba zone, Mutimbuzi commune, Bujumbura province.

The fraudster tried to bribe the police officers of that post by giving them a sum of 50 thousand francs without succeeding, added our sources.

The author was arrested, questioned by the police in Gatumba and is awaiting a flagrance trial.

The President of the High Court of Bujumbura Mrs. Josiane Nizigiyimana contacted by the ABP recognizes that there are cases of fraud perpetrated in the Gatumba zone and makes it known that the TGI in collaboration with the prosecution and the police is committed to tracking down these fraudsters.

As a reminder, the TGI Bujumbura had sat in a flagrance trial on September 30 to judge a case of fraud where it sentenced three people including an OBR agent who smuggled 84 bottles of liqueurs, 9 loincloths, 2 cans of super gasoline of 20 liters each and a can of oil not cleared through customs and on board a Probox car.

The goods will be sold at auction and the money deposited in the public treasury, the vehicle has become the property of the State while the fraudsters have been sentenced to prison terms of 5 years, 2 years and one year.