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Granting of mattresses for the center for the disabled and the boarding school in Rutana province


Sep 25, 2022

RUTANA September 19th (ABP) – The CNDD FDD party granted, on Friday September 16, 2022, one hundred and thirty mattresses to the center for the disabled of Gakwende in Gitanga commune and to the Lycée Technique “Hope” of Kayero in Mpinga-Kayove commune. The provincial secretary of this party in Rutana province Mr. Sylvain Nzikoruriho who delivered that donation to the beneficiaries, also proceeded to the opening and presentation to the beneficiaries, of the houses built by the members of the same party for 23 vulnerable families of the Mpinga- Kayove commune.

The Center for the Handicapped in Gakwende, located in Gitanga commune of Rutana province, which houses children living with disabilities of various forms, received the donation of 30 mattresses from the ruling party.

Mr. Nzikoruriho indicated that this donation comes in response to the questions that the leaders of the center presented to them during the first visit of the leaders of this party in Rutana province, to this center, where a question relating to the poor living conditions of these children with regard to the dormitory, was invoked.

The pastor of the Pentecostal Church of Kiremba Mr. Gilbert Ndayishimiye, welcomed the initiative and the support of the party of the eagle, which thought of this center, which is usually supported by the members of this church. He called on the governor of the province, to come to their aid as the ruling party did, because, according to him, the creation of that center is an action of the church contributing to the development of the country.

As for the Lycée Technique “Hope” of Kayero located in Mpinga-Kayove commune, it obtained 100 mattresses which were granted by the party in power in Burundi. Mr. Nzikoruriho said that this donation came in response to the appeal of the secretary general of this party, to be concerned with the issues of the people in different sectors, and with the aim of contributing to the success of pupils in schools.

After thanking the members of this party who contributed to make these mattresses available, he called on the students of the said high school to keep them as a good father so that their little brothers and little sisters can use them in the years to come.

The director of the school, Mr. Justin Ntirwinyegeza thanked the leaders of the CNDD-FDD party in Rutana province who chose the school whose responsibility was entrusted to him, because that one, with 374 boarding pupils that school year, had questions regarding the poor conditions of the dormitory, including the lack of mattresses. He rejoices in the fact that the pupils will sleep comfortably, which is the basis of success.

                                                               View of the disabled children

In addition to the aforementioned donations, the party contributed to the construction of houses for the most vulnerable families in Mpinga-Kayove commune of Rutana province. 32 houses have been built for 32 less well-off families, from the 32 hills of the commune, one per village and among them, 23 have already been completed, Mr. Nzikoruriho said in his word of the day.

It is with that in mind, it was indicated, that he also proceeded to open and present these to their beneficiaries, the members of the said families, who were made up for the most part of elderly couples and widows with or without children.

The people who received this donation expressed their joy and thanks to the party in Rutana province. “Before CNDD-FDD party members built that house for me, I suffered from water infiltration when it rained, but with a new house covered in sheet metal, this problem is solved”, indicated Mrs. Francine Niyonzima, the widow of Gasasa village, Kiguhu area. Mrs. Julienne Ntiranyibagira is a widow living in Kiguhu village. She reported that she lived in a hut, but thanked the party which provided her with a beautiful home.

Aware that other communes have already started similar activities, the provincial secretary of the eagle party appealed to the leaders of other municipalities to be active in mutual aid work, after thanking everyone who had contributed in the availability of the goods presented.