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Reappointment of the legal representative of the Ntabariza-SPF association


Sep 15, 2022

GITEGA September 12th (ABP) – The members of the association Solidarity with Prisoners and their Families, Ntabariza-SPF, gathered in a general assembly on September 8, 2022, in the grounds of Moria Hotel, in the commune and province of Gitega (center of Burundi), renewed their confidence in the legal representative of the organization, Mr. Jean Marie Nshimirimana, with 77.1% of the votes cast, for a mandate of 7 years.

After his election, Mr. Nshimirimana wasted no time in setting up the executive committee and revealing the projects he plans to carry out during his term of office. He cited in particular the advocacy for the decongestion of prisons, the release of children living with their imprisoned mothers and their care in appropriate structures, the advocacy and contribution to improving the living conditions of prisoners, the translation into national language and the popularization of legal texts relating to prison administration, the creation of a center for the social reintegration of released prisoners as well as support for legal assistance for Burundians living outside the country.

Previously, Mr. Nshimirimana had taken stock of the achievements of the outgoing executive committee. He pointed out, among other things, the contribution to the appeasement of the spirits of the young people who participated in the insurrectionary movement of 2015 as well as the prevention of Covid-19 in all detention houses in the country, he added.