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Preschool education still backwards in Muyinga


Sep 7, 2022

MUYINGA September 6th (ABP) – Children who are enrolled in the first fundamental year must have done at least one year in preschool education to be able to face the reformed program at ease, indicates the provincial director of education in Muyinga (north-eastern Burundi), Blaise Pascal Misago.

According to him, that is necessary because there are certain lessons that were given in the 2nd fundamental year which are now given in the 1st year, he explained. However, he regrets that preschool education in Muyinga remains behind. “During the 2021/2022 school year, the school province of Muyinga had 107 preschools but only 14 were functional”.

Here too they are mainly from the private sector, he clarified. Of the seven communes in the province of Muyinga, pre-school education functions properly in that of Muyinga only. Mr. Misago, who was speaking on Saturday during a meeting to get in touch with the members of the provincial education council, called on them to get involved in raising awareness among parents to enroll their children in preschools in order to better prepare them to follow with ease the program of the 1st year which, there are which years underwent a reform.

Also, he added, the wish of the supervisory ministry is that each basic school has at least one class for preschool. “From now on, the opening of these pre-school classes will be part of the evaluation criteria for all the communal education directorates,” Mr. Misago announced. He further lamented that those preschools lack qualified teachers.