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Definitive incorporation of 245 NCO candidates


Sep 7, 2022

BURURI September 6th (ABP) – The non-commissioned officer candidates of the 51st promotion was incorporated on Monday September 5 into the military camp of Bururi,   a check on the site by QBP has revealed. The incorporation ceremonies were enhanced by Lieutenant General Niyongabo Prime, the Head of the Burundi National Defense Force (FDN). In total, 245 are the candidates incorporated among them are 21 girls. In his illuminating speech, Lieutenant-Colonel Gérard Nsabimana, commander of the non-commissioned officer school, indicated that the candidates of the 51st promotion normally follow the theoretical and military courses up to 24.7% after six months of training.

                                                                                         Parade of non-commissioned officer candidates of the 51st promotion

He underlined the challenges faced by the school, including the departure of instructors to other positions of responsibility, the equipment not yet adapted at a time when the school needs rehabilitation of the water pipes which are defective. The Head of the national defense force of Burundi asked the soldiers who have just been incorporated to scrupulously respect the main missions of the army, in particular military discipline, loyalty, patriotism, professionalism and cohesion or the spirit of body. Lieutenant General Prime Niyongabo clarified that the country is investing large resources in the defense corps to better exercise its functions of defending national and territorial sovereignty. He urged them to always serve the country by telling them that they did not come to look for money like civilians.

Note that various games were carried out including the 6000m and 4000-meter competition, bayonet fencing, shooting competition, obstacle course and rope as well as acrobatics.