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Call for increased production in Rutovu commune


Aug 14, 2022

BURURI August 11th (ABP) – The governor of Bururi province, col. Léonidas Bandenzamaso continued, on Monday August 8, 2022, his visits to Rutovu commune where he invited the people to strengthen peace and security, to provide efforts to increase agricultural production and to participate in community development work, in particular the rehabilitation of inter-village rural roads.

Governor Bandenzamaso asked the people owning land granted by the State, to exploit them rationally. He also challenged the population to vary the crops, draw level curves and adhere, without exception, to village side cooperatives.

As in other communes already visited, the question of justice concerns more than one. The governor advises people to settle disputes within the community peacefully instead of always going to court for easy-to-resolve cases.

The governor took that opportunity to urge the people of Rutovu to fight corruption and fraud on chemical fertilizers, BRARUDI beverages, fuel and sugar.