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Vulnerable people in Gitega commune are called on to join agro-pastoral cooperatives


Aug 9, 2022

GITEGA August 9th (ABP) – The administrator of Gitega commune Dr. Jacques Nduwimana proceeded in the afternoon of Friday August 5, 2022 to the granting of food and non-food items to more than 200 poorest families in Gitega commune as part of the celebration of the national day dedicated to local solidarity. The ceremonies took place in the capital of this commune. Each family received 5 kg of beans and soaps, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his occasional speech, the administrator of Gitega commune Dr. Jacques Nduwimana said that the population of his commune responded massively to the call made to them by the ministries in charge of national solidarity and the interior. in their attributions by giving food and non-food items to support the poorest families of that commune.

The administrator of the Gitega commune hopes that the collection of food and non-food items will be better this year than in previous years.

To that end, the administrator Jacques Nduwimana reported that the commune has already collected a sum of 4,828,500 BIF, 8 tons of beans, 280 kg of rice, 443 kg of corn, soaps and clothes. Dr. Nduwimana pointed out that the collection report is not final, because according to him, there are foodstuffs, clothes and materials that have not yet arrived at the commune’s stock. He further pointed out that they have not yet consulted the balances at the Bank level. He indicated that there is an account opened at Finbank for local solidarity.

The administrator of the Gitega commune said that this commune has chosen three priority projects to which the money collected will be directed. That is, among other things, a project consisting of the purchase of CAM health insurance cards for vulnerable elderly people, the social reintegration of former beggars and street children as well as the acquisition of decent housing for vulnerable by offering them shelter. For the latter, Dr. Nduwimana reported that the commune will work together with the population of the locality of the vulnerable who will organize themselves to build walls for them.

Dr. Jacques Nduwimana launched a vibrant appeal to the vulnerable to group together in particularly agro-pastoral cooperatives or different trades so that the municipality or other benefactors can help them being together.

He told them that they can never live on helpers and assistants. According to him, it is necessary to work so that they can earn a living by providing their own efforts.