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The Plant Wise Project aims to improve agriculture in Burundi


Aug 9, 2022

BUJUMBURA August 9th (ABP) – The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. Emmanuel Ndorimana proceeded, Friday August 5, 2022 in Bujumbura, to the official launch of the project “Plant Wise” which aims to improve agriculture in Burundi.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Ndorimana indicated that the plant Wise project responds to the request of the ministry in charge of agriculture to contribute in the promotion of IPM to minimize losses due to diseases and plant pests and thus increase agricultural production.

He added that this project has been implemented in Burundi by different institutions under the coordination of the institute of agronomic sciences of Burundi (ISABU) and Center of Agriculture bio-sciences-international (CABI-International) to contribute perfectly to the national strategy for the development of the agricultural sector as well as in the implementation of the orientation document for the environmental, agricultural and livestock policy (DOPAGE) around three axes, he said.

Those three axes are among others, the sustainable increase of agricultural production, he also cited the protection of the environment as the second axis with the promotion of pesticides less harmful to the environment and to human health and the axis related to capacity building of extension services where that project has set up the training of agronomists to become plant doctors who consult phytosanitary problems and give recommendations for integrated management.

Mr. Ndorimana did not fail to point out that this project has already contributed to the training of 55 trainers, eight supervisors at the provincial level and 100 plant doctors at the communal level with decentralized support at the level of the hills. He also said that 50 clinics are operational in eight pilot provinces including Bubanza, Bujumbura, Gitega, Cibitoke, Kayanza, Ngozi, Muramvya and Mwaro.

The Director General of ISABU, Mr. Niyokwishimira Alfred meanwhile indicated that this project being implemented in Burundi responds to the national strategy of the agricultural sector. He pointed out that this project is planned for a period of three years in Burundi and that this is the first year of activities.

He said that this project is funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Burundi through CABI (an intergovernmental organization which brings together 50 member countries including Burundi), adding that this project has already been implemented in 35 countries.

The representative of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Burundi informed that Plant Wise is a project which aims to improve the quality of crops and focuses on the fight against plant pests and diseases, which will result in improved agricultural performance and systems and enhancing the ecological sustainability of rural lands, he explained.

He said he will also contribute to climate change adaptation and provide support to farmers on sustainable practices and pest management.

The representative of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Burundi did not fail to point out that this project aims to ensure the gender aspect by improving women’s access to the benefits and abuses of phytosanitary advice.