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People of Giheta commune are called on to tackle income-generating activities


Aug 9, 2022

GITEGA August 9th (ABP) – The presidential family enhanced with its presence on Saturday August 06, 2022, the ceremonies marking the communal festival of Giheta, 2022 edition. The ceremonies took place in Masasu village in the Kiriba zone and were marked by sharing traditional meals and local drinks.

Delivering his welcoming speech, the administrator of the commune Giheta Micheline Ninahaza said that the communal festival is a good opportunity for the natives of the commune to meet to discuss the future of their commune.

According to her, the Giheta commune, in collaboration with the natives and its partners, has carried out several development projects in different sectors of the country’s life.

As a thank you, the communal administration of Giheta awarded certificates of merit and an envelope to the natives who stood out in the development of their native commune, including the presidential family.

The administrator Micheline Ninahaza called on the people of his commune to invest fully in income-generating activities and to join cooperatives in order to avoid “ligala”.

In his speech, the President of the Republic Evariste Ndayishimiye indicated that he is satisfied with the achievements of his native commune. He further pointed out that the country is now on the right path of development. The President encouraged the administrator and his collaborators as well as the population for having given themselves body and soul for the progress of their commune. He also warmly thanked the natives working outside the commune and those who live abroad for their contribution to the development of the Giheta commune.

According to President Ndayishimiye, the communal festival is above all a good opportunity for the natives to come together to evaluate the development activities of their commune and to see together the prospects for the future which aim to improve the life of the population and the country in particular.

President Ndayishimiye has, in his advice, revealed to the people that the country cannot in any case develop without there being products to export outside the country to have foreign currency. He called on her to work diligently to have a surplus that they could sell in other municipalities or provinces or outside the country. He indicated that the municipality will have taxes that will be used in the construction or rehabilitation of schools, health centers and other public infrastructure. He also called on the natives to continue contributing to the development of their commune. From that, he said that the municipal administration of Giheta can set up an account where each native who wishes can make a contribution of an amount equivalent to the price of a drink like Amstel.