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Young people are called upon to use PAEEJ funding correctly


Aug 3, 2022

RUTANA/BURURI/MAKAMBA August 3rd (ABP) – Innovative youth projects in Rutana, Bururi and Makamba provinces have been awarded by the Youth Economic Empowerment and Employment Project (PAEEJ).

In Rutana province, five innovative projects at the provincial level and two for each commune will benefit from funding from the PAEEJ, said the expert in environmental, social and gender issues within this body, Mr. Diomède Kantungeko, on Friday 29 July 2022, after the competition for those projects which saw the participation of young entrepreneurs from this province, having won at the communal level.

                                                        Young participants in the competition in Bururi province holding their projects in their hands

Fifteen million, thirteen, twelve, eleven, and ten million FBu are funding that will respectively receive the five projects that came out first at the provincial level. On the sidelines of these five, two projects for each commune that emerged winners during the communal competition will receive funding of nine million and eight million BIF respectively.

The projects on the manufacture of biscuits, donuts and flour from bananas and sweet potatoes, myciculture as well as the manufacture of soaps of different categories are those that have been chosen to benefit from this financial support.

In his occasional speech, Mr. Kantungeko congratulated the candidates whose projects have been crowned and expressed his wish for the success of the latter. He challenged these young entrepreneurs, to the good use of the sum granted by the PAEEJ because it is a sum to be reimbursed but without interest.

The goal of the PAEEJ is to fight against unemployment in Burundi.The expert Kantungeko indicated that this project will support these young people in the search for markets for their products. He hopes that those cooperatives will grow to become large businesses that can generate jobs for other unemployed young people.

Note that all five selected projects will have a chance to participate in the national competition, and are already in application.

In Bururi province, five innovative projects were selected during the provincial competition contest. The selected projects are among the eight which were in competition came to the communes. The projects classified best are awarded and the total amount of all the projects (communal and provincial) is raised to 163 million of our francs.

Next week, those responsible for those projects will travel to Gitega for training.

In Makamba province, the chief of staff of the governor of Makamba, Mr. Bernard Ntahomvukiye calls on young people gathered in cooperatives that will have PAEEJ funding, to use the loans they will have for the purposes proposed in the projects. He indicated this on Friday July 29, 2022 in Makamba (southern Burundi) after the presentation of certificates to the 5 best innovative projects which will have funding ranging from 15 million to 10 million respectively, a check on the site by ABP has revealed. He noted that young people have talents that allow them to design bankable projects. Their designs show that the province is developing at a good pace, adding that the government will spare no effort to support youth projects.

The envoy of the national coordinator of PAEEJ, Mr. Laurent Ndikumana encouraged the provincial winners saying that even the first two communes will also be financed for an amount of 9 million and 8 million Burundian francs.

The five innovative provincial youth projects that will receive respectively 15 million, 13 million, 12, 11 and 10 million from the PAEEJ are Akarusho verba which transforms biscuits into banana flour, ishato iwacu cooperative which transforms cow horns, cooperative Ntivyizana which manufactures soap and toothpicks from palm products, Ishaka Migongo which manufactures ecological charcoal and finally the Tuzokwamaho cooperative which transforms fruits into juice.