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The Superior Council of the Judiciary dismissed 35 magistrates


Aug 3, 2022

NGOZI August 1st (ABP) – At the end of the meeting of the Superior Council of the Judiciary held from July 28 to 29 in Burasira in the commune of Ruhororo, the Burundi Head of State, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye announced the dismissal of 35 magistrates.

President Ndayishimiye said that among the 40 files submitted for examination during the Burasira assizes, there are some that have not gathered tangible proof of guilt. Those were either unintentional mistakes or misinterpretations that can happen to any human being.

On the other hand, for the 35 magistrates whom the Superior Council of the Judiciary decided to revoke, it was about notorious acts of corruption which dishonor the body.

The President of the Republic has made it known that the measure is definitively taken and that only a decree remains for its implementation. The names of the magistrates will soon be posted. He deplored that there are heads of courts complicit in the crimes committed by their subordinates and who in one way or another protect them by changing their places or positions of attachment only instead of punishing them. Those leaders will now also have to face sanctions.

The Head of State asked Burundians for more confidence in the sector of justice because now things have changed. Justice must regain its brand image because without justice, there is no development for a country.