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The communal administrator of Kabarore denies the information relating to the spoliation of land properties


Jul 28, 2022

KAYANZA July 28th (ABP) – The communal administrator of Kabarore in Kayanza province (north), Mr. Berchimans Nsaguye, denies the information that has recently snowballed on social networks.

According to this information, some inhabitants of the hills abounding in the mining sites have been driven from their properties without ever benefiting from compensation from the company called “Comptoirs Miniers d’extraction du Burundi” (COMEBU), which extracts minerals in this commune.

                                                                View of the people of Kabarore

To inquire about the situation, the communal administrator of Kabarore went on Tuesday, July 26, 2022, to the Kivuvu and Ryamukona hills full of mining sites.

He specified that the Kabarore commune of the Kayanza province (north) has four hills which are full of mineral extraction sites, which are Kivuvu, Ryamukona, Munege and Kibuba.

Based on information that has been snowballing in recent days on social networks according to which some inhabitants of the aforesaid hills are evicted from their land properties without ever benefiting from compensation, Mr. Berchimans Nsaguye, went to the hills Ryamukona and Kivuvu to collect the grievances of those claiming compensation.

And as an observation, only three women whose husbands are now tenants of the Ngozi prison have pointed out that their landed properties have been occupied by the company called Comptoirs Miniers d’extraction du Burundi (COMEBU) which extracts the minerals.

That is when those who spoke clarified that their properties were occupied by the said company after receiving their compensation and no one was forced to accept it.

The inhabitants of these hills have reported that those who have not accepted their compensations have first demanded the release of their spouses who are locked up while they are being prosecuted for different offences.

Here, the municipal administrator of Kabarore, then concluded that the information that circulated on social networks is by far a reality on the ground and that the population must be attentive, especially by avoiding conveying information on the social networks and to confide in administrative officials whenever it comes to something confusing.