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The Burundian diaspora of the USA organized a concert bringing together local and international singers


Jul 27, 2022

BUJUMBURA July 26th (ABP) – Development, initiatives and cooperation of Burundians in USA (DICOBU), bringing together the Burundian diaspora residing in the United States of America held, Thursday, July 21, a press conference to announce the holding of a concert bringing together local and international singers.

The representative of DICOBU, Mr. Samuel Ndayiragije, said that DICOBU attaches great importance to artists. For him, the objective of this event is to strengthen the spirit of patriotism of Burundians towards their country, through music. Mr. Ndayiragije estimated that the Burundian diaspora living in the USA took this step because it is concerned to see that in several areas Burundi is behind following the behavior of some Burundians who do not like their country.

Adding to this, he said that this approach is to promote Burundian music by encouraging collaboration between seasoned artists and those of the new generation. By facilitating the connection between previous generations and new generations.

Mr. Ndayiragije said he was convinced that Burundian music is too powerful to change the perception of Burundi in the concert of nations and convey a more positive image of our country tainted in previous years.

For his part, the representative of the Burundian diaspora abroad Éric Niragira, to allow an expression of Burundian culture abroad, it would be necessary to facilitate the departure abroad of singers to animate concerts. A difficult exit following the non-attribution of visas by the host countries. In this regard, he said that the diaspora will collaborate with the authorities empowered to meet this challenge. This concert will be animated, on the evening of Friday July 22, at the bar Miki avenue du large. Note the presence of the big names in Burundian music: Thomas Nzeyimana (Mkombozi), Karirekinyana Chanella (Channy Queen), Vianney Nzigamasabo (Vichou Love), Désiré Mugani (Big Fizzo), Jean Pierre Nimbona (Kidumu), Bizoza Evode, “Kirikou”, “Don Right”. Note also the presence of the singer Social Mula from Rwanda.