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The Burundian and Tanzanian people are called on to cross legal borders


Jul 20, 2022

RUYIGI July 20th (ABP) – The Burundian and Tanzanian people wishing to travel through the Cijongo border in Gisuru commune is called upon to cross the Manyovu-Mugina border in Makamba province or other borders where travel tourist is allowed.

The head of migration on this Cijongo border in Gisuru commune indicates that this border is open to commercial exchanges and not to simple tourist trips.

That statement was made during a visit, recently, of the Tanzanian delegation coming from the district of Kibondo, within the framework of good neighbourliness.

During that visit, the main topics of discussion of which were the strengthening of security, the fight against clandestine travel, the head of Kibondo district, Adrey John Magwiza said that the pace and the influx of Burundians who are asking work and who have no or insufficient documents required for their residence in Tanzania continued to increase in recent days. He also expressed his wish to know if the Burundian migration authorities were aware of this situation and he asked the Burundian authorities to reopen this border so that movement is free for all.

In response to that request, the governor of Ruyigi, Mrs. Tabu Emerencienne indicated that the question of the reopening of this border has already been the subject of discussions at a higher level of the supervisory ministry.

She also called the head of the migration police at the Cijongo station, who is the direct authority authorized by the said ministry to give details relating thereto.

The head of migration police on this border, police lieutenant-colonel Cyrille Sindayihebura, in his speech, clarified that this border is only open to importers and / or exporters of goods, from Tanzania to Burundi or vice versa.

He further indicated that these traders are exempt from Covid-19 screening fees at the border.

However, he stressed that this border still remains closed for people who have personal reasons for traveling such as tourism except for missions that require special prior authorizations from the administrative authorities of these two countries. He even insisted that if such special permissions are granted, the local police authorities are notified from the ministry and that the individuals concerned have no embarrassment to cross the border.

For all those who wish to travel from Tanzania to Burundi and vice versa, this authority has asked them to cross other legal borders such as the Mugina-Manyovu border in Makamba province or elsewhere.

Those two authorities declare that all related initiatives are carried out with a view to improving the well-being of the people.