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Institutional spokespersons answered questions from the public


Jul 20, 2022

NGOZI July 18th (ABP) – During the public broadcast on July 15, 2022, at the Agasaka stadium in Ngozi, several questions were raised by the people.

This is for example the case of the plots serviced and distributed in Vyerwa, many years ago, but the buyers were refused to build. The answer was that minerals have been discovered at that site. Buyers will have to receive other plots or be reimbursed for servicing costs.

For the Kizingwe-Bihara site, the owners will shortly receive the allocation letters. As for the landowners of Kabarore who are imprisoned for having refused to sell their land at a low price for the extraction of minerals, the file must be analyzed by an adviser to the Presidency of the Republic.

The other concern was the embezzlement made by the Administrator of Kiremba commune. Those concern a sold cooperative house and the disappearance of more than 800 bags of cement intended for the construction of a school complex.

To that question, the governor of Ngozi was instructed to go quickly to Kiremba to listen to the population. Regarding the untimely power and water cuts at Regideso, it was answered that they are linked to worn lines and that Regideso is currently renewing them.

Finally, the question of the situation of the Mpanda dam file, the spokesman of the ministry in charge of energy said that in-depth investigations are underway to establish responsibilities.