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2019-2020, year of food insecurity for nearly 40% of households in Burundi


Jul 6, 2022

BUJUMBURA July 6th (ABP) – At least one person per household spent all day without eating during the year 2019-2020 for 40.2% of households in Burundi, according to the survey conducted by the Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Burundi (ISTEEBU), says the director general of that institution, Mr. Nicolas Ndayishimiye, during a press briefing he hosted on Saturday July 2, 2022, at the head office of ISTEEBU.

Mr. Ndayishimiye said that the institution under his responsibility conducted a survey to find out the living conditions of households in Burundi. The results of the survey were released on June 30, 2022, while noting that they relate to a period not exceeding 12 months preceding the survey.

The causes of this food insecurity, according to the director of ISTEEBU, include lack of money or other resources.

Note that Ngozi province recorded more cases, i.e., 54%, while Mwaro province comes in last place with 15.9% of cases.