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Training is needed in the Burundian media world


Jul 3, 2022

BUJMBURA July 3rd (ABP) – A study on the application of the gender-sensitive media charter, carried out in April 2020, shows that the Burundian media world needs “in situ coaching”, as part of the strengthening of skills of journalists. This was revealed on Wednesday June 29, 2022, during the session to present the results of that study. It was during a workshop for sharing the results of monitoring gender mainstreaming in the media and popularizing the gender-sensitive media charter, which was organized by the Association of Women Journalists (AFJO), in collaboration with the ministry in charge of the media.

This in situ coaching, recommended by this study, would be a response to the need for capacity building for journalists, with a view to their professionalization. It will also allow them to improve their skills in the production of programs on the various themes of everyday life, for diversity in broadcasts. This could also contribute to the supervision of the people on certain key themes such as the economy, health, human rights, the environment, sport, cybercrime and others, as specified in the study.

Other training needs identified by the study relate to the management of rumors and hate messages, the management of news companies, the management of social media and the protection of journalists.

Most community radio stations also express capacity building needs for journalists concerning the production and animation of programs, the collection and processing of information, conflict-sensitive journalism and journalism on the web. The study therefore recommends that the ministry in charge of the media ensure gender parity in the media and communication sector as stipulated in the national communication policy, strengthen collaboration between the monitoring committee of the charter and the gender unit of the ministry in charge of the media.

As for media managers, the study recommends that they take gender into account in their daily activities, in the recruitment of journalists, in the planning of activities and in the information management. Other recommendations for media managers relate to the close monitoring of the application of what has been learned in training.

In his opening remarks to the work of that workshop, the Assistant to the Minister in charge of the media, Mr. Thierry Kitamoya, commended this initiative to reflect on the actions taken to achieve gender parity in the media, which is advocated by the National communication and media policy.