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The ‘sychologues sans vacances’ association contributes greatly in raising awareness of the harmful effects of drugs on the health of young people


Jul 1, 2022

BUJUMBURA June 30th (ABP) – The ‘psychologues sans vacances’ association without holidays organized on Friday, June 24, 2022 an awareness session on the harmful effects of drugs, for young people studying at Scheppers high school in the Nyakabiga zone in Bujumbura City, on the occasion of the celebration of the international Day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking celebrated on June 26 of each year.

Indeed, the objective of the session was to remind, inform, educate and sensitize young people on the dangers and disastrous consequences of drug consumption and trafficking in order to combat misinformation about drug use, promote sharing facts on health risks and presenting the solutions recommended against this scourge.

The association also underlined that its interventions consist of community psychological support for an improvement of strategies for the prevention and management of relapse and the addition of psychoactive substances. They added that young people should engage in income-generating activities to avoid drug addiction.

She asked the government to take adequate measures to stop the consumption of narcotics including cocaine, heroin and especially the importation of drugs in Burundi. A law that lists all the substances of alcoholic beverages prohibited in Burundi has just been released. Recall that the ‘psychologues sans vacances’ association had pleaded for the implementation of that law with accompanying measures.

They also appealed to the Ministry of Public Security to take all possible measures to protect the people of Burundi in general and young people in particular. They did not forget to ask the Ministry responsible for National Education to hire psychologists in schools to help teachers closely monitor pupils with problems related to lack of parental affection, abandonment and family rejection and stress that can lead them to misbehavior and drug use.

The ‘psychologues sans vacances’ association took the opportunity to call on parents to combine their efforts to have good relations and to hold dialogue with their children to grow up healthy and safe.