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Six ambassadors have presented their credentials to the President of the Republic


Jul 1, 2022

BUJUMBURA July 30th (ABP) – The President of the Republic received, on Monday June 27, six ambassadors who came to present their credentials as new ambassadors accredited to Burundi. They are the ambassadors of Romania, Hungary, Algeria, Indonesia, Philippines and Malawi.

According to the spokesperson for the President of the Republic, Mrs. Evelyne Butoyi, discussions with the new Romanian ambassador, Mr. Diagos Viorel Radu Tigau, whose head office is in Nairobi, focused on the strategy for strengthening relations between the two countries and Romania having committed to provide its expertise in the development of the tourism, education, digitalization and agriculture sectors.

                                          Indonesia’s new ambassador to Burundi, Tri Yogo Jatmiko

With that of Hungary, Mr. Wsolt Mészàrs; The discussions revolved around Hungary’s involvement in the development of the fish farming, agriculture, fishing and technological innovation sectors. The new Hungarian Ambassador to Burundi, whose head office is in Nairobi, indicated that it is for the first time that his country is opening a consular representation in Burundi. He said that his country will engage in the areas mentioned above and in which it has a lot of experience and expertise.

The spokesperson for the President of the Republic indicated that the exchanges with the new Algerian ambassador, Mr. Hamid Boukrif, revolved around cooperation, especially in the field of higher education and vocational training. At this level, many young Burundian graduates have benefited from these training courses in Algeria. The 2 interlocutors having shown the will to further develop these good relations, “very old”, which go back to the years of independence”, according to the Algerian ambassador to Burundi, whose headquarters was opened in Bujumbura a few months ago.

With the new Indonesian Ambassador to Burundi, Mr. Tri Yogo Jatmiko, whose head office is in Nairobi, the exchanges focused on the experiences of two countries in the field of education, said Mrs. Butoyi, adding that the two authorities agreed to facilitate the travel of officials between the two countries.

Exchanges with the new Ambassador of the Philippines to Burundi, Mrs. Marie Charlotte G. Tang; whose embassy is based in Nairobi, have revolved around building capacity and opportunities in areas that are most in need. Finally, with Mrs. Kumwenda Andrew Zumbe, new Ambassador of Malawi to Burundi, whose head office is in Dar-Es Salaam, discussions revolved around the state of cooperation through the SADC (Community for the Development of Southern Africa) of which both countries are members, again according to Evelyne Butoyi, spokesperson for the President of the Republic.