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Skyrocketing prices for rabbits and chickens


Jun 21, 2022

KAYANZA June 21st (ABP) – The sale and purchase prices of rabbits and hens have experienced an extraordinary rise in Kayanza commune and province (northern Burundi) since the adoption of the measure prohibiting the movement, circulation and the slaughter of cows, goats and sheep following the outbreak of Rift Valley fever, according to the buyers and sellers of rabbits and hens met at the Kayanza central market.

According to some buyers of rabbits and hens contacted by the ABP, Before the appearance of the said fever which attacks cows and goats, a hen having reached the procreation phase which yesterday was bought at 13,000 BIF, costs 20,000 BIF.

As for rabbits, the one that was bought at 8,000 BIF is now at more than 15,000 BIF. For their part, the sellers of the said small animals who spoke at the microphone of the ABP find that the increase in the purchase price emanates from the sale price which, too, has been revised upwards. “It is for this reason that we, too, are making penny-pinching savings,” they lament.

From all the foregoing, consumers as well as sellers of rabbits and hens propose to the Burundian government to make every effort to find and make available the therapeutic vaccine against rift valley fever in order to achieve a significant reduction in price of the aforementioned small domestic animals, especially since most bistros operating in Kayanza commune now use them.

Reacting to those concerns, the Director of the Provincial Office of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock in Kayanza, Mr. Adelin Niyonsaba, asks the breeders of rabbits and hens not to use any wood of this fever that attacks cows and goats to raise the prices of other domestic animals. It also recommends that breeders in Kayanza scrupulously respect the measures taken by the authorized authorities in the context of the fight against the spread of Rift Valley fever.