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Traders ask for the decentralization of the collection service to facilitate their activities


Jun 16, 2022


RUMONGE June 14th (ABP) – The Burundi Revenue Authority organized a workshop on Friday, June 10, 2022, in the capital of Rumonge province to sensitize importers on post-clearance control.

In his speech, the delegate of the general commissioner of the OBR, Mr. Félix Nzeyimana indicated that the OBR has carried out many initiatives to establish good relations between the OBR and the traders, specifying that the control some posteriori has advantages for traders.

In his presentation, Bakanibona Jean Marie Vianney, indicated that ex-post control plays an important role in the collection of taxes and duties. According to him, it plays the role of verifying the accuracy and authenticity of declarations, improving trade facilitation and promoting foreign trade.

As a post-clearance check, Bakanibona added, it facilitates faster movement of goods.

Traders, in turn, presented the difficulties encountered in their activities and gave suggestions for improving working conditions.

According to them, most traders are uneducated while the laws governing them are written in French and have asked for them to be translated into Kirundi, the mother tongue.

They also asked for the decentralization of the collection service in order to minimize the expenses incurred when they go to Bujumbura in search of the documents granted by this service.