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Open Day at the western regional office of the Institution of the Ombudsman


May 30, 2022

BUBANZA May 30th (ABP) – The western regional branch of the Institution of the Ombudsman organized an open day week, from May 24 to Friday May 27, in Bubanza province (north-west of Burundi), to explain the missions of that Institution and collect concerns of the people of Bubanza, a check by ABP revealed.

This western regional branch is made up of the provinces of Bubanza, Bujumbura, Cibitoke and the city of Bujumbura.

The coordinator of that regional branch, Mr. Tharcisse Havyarimana, indicated that some inhabitants of Bubanza province have not yet understood the missions of the institution of the ombudsman and when to resort to that institution. He explained that out of 10 complaints which were already collected until Wednesday, May 25, only five were admissible by this institution, and four of which concern justice, for files already closed but which are not executed. Mr. Havyarimana appeals to the presidents of the various courts to the execution of the files already closed, and to render good services to the plaintiffs without any condition.

It is worth noting that this branch was created in March 2022, and that similar open days are planned in the other provinces sharing the same region.